State Budget for 2019-20 is presented as ‘Focused Budget’ to make Gujarat as ‘Sustainable Developmental State’: CM

Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani termed the state budget for year 2019-20, presented today in the state assembly in Gandhinagar by the Finance and Deputy Chief Minister Mr. Nitinbhai Patel, as a “focused budget” and giving directions for the development of Gujarat.

In this reference, Mr. Rupani stated that this budget is based on concept of “Sustainable Development” to make Gujarat a model state not only in the country, but, in the world too. The state is making a constant growth under the leadership and guidance of Prime Minister Mr. Narendrabhai Modi.

Reacting on the budget, Mr. Rupani stated that the budget expresses a determination to scale new heights of developments in water management, green and clean energy, solar energy, environment, farmers, employment for youths, and agricultural development and others at par with the world standards.

He said that under the water management the tap water is being provided to 78 % houses in the state. The state is aiming to provide tap water to every house by year-2022 at a cost of Rs. 20,000-Cr. For this purpose Rs. 4,500-Cr is being spent in year-2019-20. For resolving the drinking water problems of Saurashtra and Kutch regions, the budget is giving impression to supply 36-cr liters of drinking water per day.

The Chief Minister said that for the protection and improvement of environment, Gujarat is going to develop a concept to gradually reduce the thermal energy and enhance solar and wind energies. It is targeted to enhance the present capacity of renewable energy to 30,000 mw by year-2022.

Gujarat is determined to fulfill the pledge of Prime Minister to double the farmers’ income by year-2022. Therefore, in this budget the state government has made allocation of Rs. 952-Cr for providing crop credit assistance at zero percent interest to the farmers. Besides this, an allocation of Rs. 750-Cr has been made for building godowns and irrigation with deep-sprinkler system. In addition to these, during this year the electricity connections would be provided to all farmers who have applied for.

He also praised the allocations made for making cities to smart cities through CCTV networks, flyovers, cleaning of the rivers and lakes under the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission, waste water management, water, roads, street-lights, infrastructural facilities and others.

Adopting the mantra of ‘Works to Every Hand’, the state budget would provide vast employment opportunities to the youths. More than 60,000 youths would be given job opportunities in the government in next three years. Besides this, mass employment under Chief Minister Apprenticeship Schemes, assistance under Mudra Scheme, loans of Rs. 700-Cr to the 50-lakh women members of Shakhi Mandals for economic empowerment and others, he said.

An allocation of Rs. 30,000-Cr has been made in this budget with an objective to provide qualitative education from K.G. to P.G., the Chief Minister added.