State board for wildlife meeting held under chairmanship of CM in gandhinagar

Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has suggested inspiring to develop world class infrastructure, wildlife, wildlife and eco-tourism balance by attracting world tourists for the lion darshan in Gir Forest.

 In this context, he said that it is necessary to develop a comprehensive number of tourists from around the world to see Gujarat's prominent identity Asiatic Lion.  The Chief Minister was speaking from the chairmanship of the 1st Board of State Board for Wildlife held in Gandhinagar.

 Honorable Shri Ganpat Singh Vasawa, Chief Secretary, Shri.  Which  Ann.  Lion, One-Environmental Additional Chief Secretary, Mr. Dr.  Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Director General of Police, Shri Shivanand Jha, Senior Forest Officers and Honorable Members of the Board joined this meeting.

 ... 1 ... the seat of the State Board for Wildlife

 ... ... Mr. ... Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani has said that the tourists coming to see the lion darshan and other wild animals are required to make joint efforts such as one-tourism joint efforts, which will boost the state economy, including the domestic level.

 Chief Minister said that the motivation in the meeting was to organize a consultation with the central government in consultation with regard to the possibility of bringing the National Forest Forest Research Institute in Gujarat.

 He also guided the establishment of the Snake Research Institute in Gujarat, and suggested that by organizing a data base of snack cats in the state, one should conduct a collective honor-promotion program for snake cats.

 He also made suggestions to develop wildlife tourism near the tourism department of Dahanosar Park in Balasinor's Raiyali.

 Mr. Vijaybhai Rupani has suggested to try and counsel in the next meeting of the Chief Wild Life Warden to bring Mail Bustard from Rajasthan for the development of the Bastard Clock species in Kutch.

 It was said in the meeting that for the trackers working in the forest area and its surrounding area and for the front line staff, one month special training program from the next date will be Forest Department.

 The Chief Minister also suggested to give the permission from the forest department to get the project done for the last 4 months of BSC, MSC of zoology and university of university-colleges and animal husbandry and also to include such department of forest department and educationists.

 The Chief Minister also expressed his views on the recommendations of the honorary members associated with wildlife. Forest Department - The State Government will consider it appropriate.

 Discussions were discussed at Agenda topics such as wildlife, national events, eco-sensitive activities, optical fiber cable lifting of Gujarat