Gujarat CM Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, on the occasion of Yoga Day 2019 at Sardar Patel Stadium, Ahmedabad

Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, Governor of Fifth International Yoga Day  P.  In the presence of Kohli in the presence of the State of Gujarat, Gujarat State Yoga Board made important announcements in the state.

 In this context, he said that this state yoga board of the Indian yoga tradition will spread widely for the betterment of every citizen of the state with a sound and healthy mind.

 Fifth World Yogh Din's state ceremony was held in Ahmedabad today.  On the eve of World Yogi Day celebrations celebrated on 21st June of the world by inspiration of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, mass yogas Sadhana was held at Sardar Patel Stadium in Ahmedabad.

 In the beginning of the yoga sadhana Yogasadhakas received guidance from the Prime Minister of Yoga through the video.

 Governor O.P.  Kohli said that yoga is a unique gift to India's world.  We can be healthy for 100 years by following the path shown in yoga.  Yoga can make life happier and peaceable.

 He has a wonderful gift of yoga in India's Gyan tradition ...